5 reasons to buy a refurbished and furnished home

What are the advantages of buying a refurbished property compared to one that has not been refurbished? When you are looking to buy a second-hand property that has not been refurbished, there are many doubts that arise, especially depending on the state and age of the property; to which must be added the possible unforeseen events that may arise and of which the buyer is unaware (pipes, electrical panel, damp, etc.).

The optimal option would be to refurbish the property to the buyer’s taste in order to be able to use it for the first time and give the new home a new lease of life. However, this type of work, depending on the size, involves a high cost independent of the purchase value that the new owner must assume. Therefore, finding a second-hand house that has already been refurbished and furnished is an opportunity to be valued for these five advantages.

Low supply with these conditions

If we carry out a search on one of the leading real estate portals with the filters “refurbished” and “furnished” in the main Spanish capitals, we find a very limited offer. In Madrid, barely 1% of the total number of second-hand properties for sale meet these conditions, or in other words, 147 properties; while in Palma the figure is much lower, at around 20 flats.

Economic savings

According to data from the National Association of Ceramic and Building Materials Distributors (Andimac), this fall is associated with the energy crisis and its impact on inflation, as well as the lower purchasing power of households.

The cost of a complete renovation of a typical home ranges between 20,000 and 60,000 euros, depending on the location of the property, the square metres and the type of materials chosen. On the other hand, the budget for furnishing a complete home can range from 15,000 euros for a three-bedroom flat to 22,000 euros for a house of around 120 square metres, depending on the design and qualities desired.

Delivery time

In many cases, the timeframe for the works is delayed. It can also happen that there are increases in the budget. In this sense, buying a refurbished home with the certainty that the project has been carried out by a company with experience in the construction of new buildings, such as Homes by Gestilar, gives the buyer extra peace of mind. The time from the deed of the property until the end of construction and handing over of the keys is four months and the price is completely closed from the beginning.

Final result and guarantee

The result of the work will depend to a large extent on the professionals contracted, the budget, as well as the qualities agreed. Homes are renowned for their design, quality and attention to detail, making the most of the space, which ensures the success of buying a refurbished home.

Ready to move in

The process of looking for the ideal home is stressful enough without having to add to it the cost and time involved in building work and buying all the furniture. The fact that your only worry is moving house makes it much easier when buying a renovated home…

Take a look at the refurbished and furnished Homes for sale in Madrid and Palma, in excellent locations ready to move into. In the capital, we have a flat in Calle Manuel Marañón, in the exclusive residential area of Arturo Soria. In Calle Soler, right in the centre of Palma, we have another property.