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Homes by Gestilar.

About Homes

We are the proptech firm that is revolutionising the House Flipping property market, a property transaction formula that consists of the purchase, renovation and sale of previously existing homes over a very brief period of time.

Our value proposition offers a unique combination of capabilities developed from our origins as developers, 15 years’ experience in the industry, as well as our powerful, cutting-edge technology platform, which we have designed ourselves.

We track down the property that best suits your requirements and renovate it to the highest quality standards while overseeing the entire process, as well as providing guarantees. All the work is completed in just 4 months.

Business model

We are the first Spanish developer to launch a House flipping division, providing a solution to the problem of land scarcity in the most sought-after urban areas. Our product delivers all the features and assurances of a newly built home wherever you need it.

Benefits of House flipping.

Our business model provides maximum assurance for customers, investors and banks due to several key factors.

  • Anti-cyclical business
  • Lower costs
  • Greater Volume
  • In any location
  • More readily available assets

Anti-cyclical business


House flipping cycles are extremely short which means the product is able to respond to market fluctuations. The renovation process takes just 4 months.

Lower costs


The value of the house purchase accounts for 80% of the total cost, while only 20% is subject to potential increases in raw material or labour costs.

Greater Volume


By focusing on the renovation of existing homes, we are able to tap into 90% of the real estate market. In contrast, the development of new homes represents only 10% of the market share.

In any location


This model allows us to access areas where construction work is not possible due to the scarce supply of land for development. This enables us to operate in city centres thus avoiding the need to relocate.

More readily available assets


Since the housing has already been constructed, the raw materials used are more readily available and we do not need to rely on external parties for the process.

Our competitive advantages

We apply our own technological solution throughout every stage of the process, which allows us to achieve significantly faster results and greater efficiency.

Property acquisition

Our algorithm is specifically designed for Homes by Gestilar and offers unique features that enable us to access properties at the best price and of the highest quality.


Experience as a developer that competitors do not have. Our product is distinguished by its exceptional location, innovative design and superior quality. Having our own construction company enables us to enhance our speed and operational efficiency.

Sale and After-Sale

Our sales team has successfully sold over 5,000 homes. Our products offer all the benefits of a new-build property, including an after-sales warranty.

Homes by Gestilar

  • Mission

    To renovate existing properties to create unique homes with all the features of a new-build product and the assurance of a reputable firm with 15 years’ experience and recognised expertise in the real estate sector.

  • Vision

    To contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and improving access to housing by renovating existing urban residential buildings so that they match the features and quality of newly built homes, while shortening delivery times.




Play a key role in our end product. Every Homes by Gestilar home is a unique creation. We carefully analyse and redesign each one as an independent project, aiming to maximise its full potential.



This is another bedrock of our developments. Our homes are finished to the highest standards, using innovative materials, while the entire execution process is closely monitored. All our developments carry the unmistakable quality hallmark of Homes by Gestilar.



This is the driver of change and the primary factor in setting your business apart. Our use of technology allows us to provide a product with all the desirable features of a new building, conveniently located in the heart of cities, and without long waiting times.



Our projects utilise eco-friendly technology and materials that help to cut our CO2 emissions. We support the transition to a Zero-Carbon Economy, which is based on the concepts of a circular economy, energy efficiency, water balance, and renewable output.