Create your own vegetable garden on the terrace and enjoy fresh food at home.

In recent years, the trend of growing food at home has become increasingly popular. Lack of space is no longer a limitation thanks to the possibility of creating gardens on terraces and balconies. Imagine the satisfaction of harvesting your own fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits directly from your terrace. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create your own rooftop garden, giving you the opportunity to enjoy tasty, organic food in the comfort of your own home.

Choose the right place

Before you start, you should assess the space available on your terrace. See how much sunlight it receives during the day, as most plants need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Make sure the selected area is large enough to accommodate pots or planters.

Select the right plants

Consider what types of plants you want to grow and be sure to choose those that are suited to your regional climate and terrace conditions. Aromatic herbs such as basil, parsley and rosemary are popular choices for terrace gardens. In addition, leafy green vegetables such as lettuce and cherry tomatoes are also ideal for growing in containers.

Prepare the pots or planters

Choose pots or planters that are the right size for each plant, making sure they have drainage holes in the bottom. This will allow excess water to drain away and prevent root rot. Fill the pots with a mixture of quality soil and organic compost to provide the necessary nutrients.

Sowing and watering

Sigue las instrucciones de siembra para cada planta y coloca las semillas en la tierra a la profundidad adecuada. Después de sembrar, riega las plantas suavemente utilizando una regadera o un pulverizador. Evita el exceso de riego, ya que puede ser perjudicial para las raíces.

Take care of your plants

Maintain regular care of your plants, making sure to provide them with adequate water and sunlight. As they grow, some plants may require stakes to support their stems and branches. Remove weeds and control pests naturally, using organic products or beneficial insects.

Fertilise your plants

To ensure the healthy growth of your plants, it is advisable to fertilise them regularly. Use organic fertilisers or compost to enrich the soil and provide the necessary nutrients. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid excessive use of fertilisers, as this can be detrimental to the plants.

Harvest your own food

One of the most exciting parts of having a rooftop garden is harvesting your own food. As your plants grow and mature, you can enjoy a bountiful and fresh harvest. Harvest vegetables, herbs and fruits when they are at their optimum ripeness. This will ensure the best flavour and nutritional value.

Experiment and diversify

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different varieties of plants and crops. Try new herbs, vegetables or even small fruit trees in pots. Diversification in your rooftop garden will allow you to enjoy a wide range of fresh foods and will also give you the opportunity to learn and discover your preferences.

The key to creating a good rooftop garden: learn and improve

Terrace gardening is a continuous learning process. Stay informed about gardening best practices and look for online resources or specialised books to expand your knowledge. Observe how your plants react to different conditions and adjust your methods as needed.

Enjoy the benefits

As well as the satisfaction of growing your own food, there are numerous benefits to having a rooftop garden. You will enjoy fresh, organic food, reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding transporting food and create a green and welcoming space in your home.

Creating a vegetable garden on your terrace is a great way to connect with nature, make the most of the available space and enjoy fresh, healthy food. By following the steps mentioned above and dedicating a little time and care, you can grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruits at home. There are no more excuses for not enjoying the satisfaction and benefits of having your own vegetable garden on the terrace – start today and reap the rewards of your labour!