Living in Vigo: pleasure in its purest form

What is it like to live in Vigo? Located on the northwest coast of Spain, Vigo stands out mainly for its charm. A mild climate, excellent gastronomy, plenty of light and an enviable landscape make the city of Vigo, the largest in Galicia, the perfect place for those who love the sea. Do you want to discover all the charms of living in Vigo? Take note of the following lines…

The unique environment surrounding the city is one of the main reasons to live in Vigo. Immersed in the estuary that bears its name, the Vigo estuary, the city is flanked by the Cíes Islands, a spectacular enclave that forms part of Galicia’s Atlantic Islands National Park. These islands stand out for the great diversity of their flora and fauna, with birds taking centre stage. Rodas beach joins two of the islands thanks to its crescent shape, rounding off this idyllic setting. If the sea is your thing, Vigo is the perfect city to live in.

As for the city centre, Vigo has a centre that stands out for its great charm. The Porta do Sol connects Vigo’s historic neighbourhood and the Ensanche, both of which are the city’s original areas. At this point, Francisco Leiro’s sculpture El Sireno, a symbol of the union between people and the sea, takes centre stage, both artistically and culturally.

Two places not to be missed are Vigo Cathedral, in neoclassical style, and the Castro de Vigo archaeological site, with reconstructed ancient dwellings. The Monte de O Castro, the origin of the Galician city, and its unique orography give rise to a mountain that is located right in the city centre, making it an ideal place to enjoy the best sunsets with the Vigo estuary in the background.

Gastronomy and culture, other strong points of living in Vigo

If you want to go back 100 years, we recommend a stroll through Vigo’s seaside neighbourhood, known as Bouzas. Another attraction is the Oyster Street, the ideal place to taste the famous oysters from the Vigo estuary and accompany them with a glass of white wine with the Rías Baixas designation of origin.

As a cultural landmark, you’ll find the Mar de Vigo Auditorium Conference Centre. Overlooking the sea and designed by César Portela, this building defies the force of the Atlantic and welcomes leisure in Vigo. In addition to the cultural programme for all audiences, this space also hosts congresses, fairs and professional forums. In addition, the centre has privileged views thanks to its terrace.

The O Marisquiño de Vigo Festival is another great place to enjoy the city, being a great reference for the city after the 20 editions it has been held. It is usually held on the first weekend of August, and is an unmissable event for urban art lovers. The event brings together multiple disciplines of urban sports (skateboarding, BMX, Basket 3×3, Dirt Jump, etc.) and is committed to highlighting urban culture disciplines such as break dance, graffiti and music.