The advantages of living in the centre of Madrid

Madrid is always in the rankings of cities with the best quality of life in the world, as well as being one of the most attractive capitals. In this post we tell you about some of the advantages of living in the centre of

Why live in Madrid?

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in the centre of a big city? Close to work, leisure areas, amenities, children’s schools… Madrid is a very welcoming and multicultural city, which has continued to grow in recent years, welcoming new inhabitants from all over the world. Living in the centre of Madrid has many advantages that we have to consider.

A wide range of leisure and gastronomic activities

The centre of Madrid is full of life, and in it, we can find a huge offer of culture and leisure. Living in the centre, you won’t miss anything. You will be close to theatres and cinemas, as well as the best museums in the country, such as the Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza or the Reina Sofía, which have interesting exhibitions. Madrid is among the 10 European cities with the best cultural infrastructures.

On the other hand, we can find thousands of gastronomic options in the centre of Madrid, more than 2,500 to be exact. In the city centre there are all kinds of culinary offers, from the most exclusive restaurants, to the most typical or old bars of the city, modern and traditional cuisine. We find places with top quality products where we can taste different types of food.

Short trips and public transport

Like all large capitals, in Madrid we have a traffic problem, as numerous vehicles are concentrated daily with people moving from one place to another. If we live in the city centre, we can avoid these huge traffic jams that form especially at the entrance to the city. Moreover, we can make use of public transport and get anywhere in a short time.

The capital’s transport network is one of the best connected in the country. You can get around by metro, bus or tram, even on electric bicycles which are found all over the city, so this is another of the advantages of living in the centre of Madrid.

Green spaces and good connections to other cities

In the centre of Madrid we can enjoy nature peacefully, we find numerous green areas where we can practice sports, take a walk with our loved ones, sit down to read a good book, or simply relax. It is the European capital with the largest number of trees and we have different parks, green spaces and gardens such as the Retiro, a great lung of 118 hectares. Other green areas, such as the Parque Rey Juan Carlos or the Parque del Capricho, are also very popular with the citizens as they are beautiful and pleasant spaces.

What’s more, Madrid is close to everything. If at any time you feel like disconnecting, you can always escape to the Sierra, or even enjoy other places like Segovia. Madrid is very well connected to other cities, with the AVE high speed train you can get to cities like Valencia or Seville relatively quickly.

More advantages of living in the centre of Madrid

If you live in the centre of Madrid, you can say that you live in the centre of one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world, with leisure options for all tastes, numerous work and educational possibilities. The city has a great cultural heritage, coupled with a modern lifestyle.

After getting to know the advantages of living in the centre of Madrid, discover the Homes we have available in the different neighbourhoods in the centre.