The importance of fragrances for your home

How important is the use of fragrances for your home? We know that when you consider a change in your home, or buy a house, the first thing you think about is the decoration, the colours, the furniture… But what about the scent of your home? It is something really important that can define the energy that your home transmits. The human being is able to remember moments and places only through smell.

The power of olfactory memory

Did you know that our mind can remember up to 35% of the smells we perceive? The amazing thing is that we only remember 5% of what we see. So our memory retains much more intense and lasting memories through smell. Some smells will stay with you throughout your life, which is why the scent you choose for your home is so important.

How to choose the scent for your home?

It is very important to choose the scent you are going to use in your home and to separate the smells of the different rooms. Of course, the smell of each home will depend a lot on the tastes of the people who live there, but we must take into account certain aspects:

  • As we have said, we should separate the smells of the rooms. Each room should have its own characteristic smell and it is not advisable to mix fragrances, as this way we will only get a potpourri of smells without any sense and quite overloaded.
  • The smells in our home have to be light, you have to feel comfortable with that aroma, it doesn’t have to overload or saturate you, but on the contrary, it has to be an appetising smell that stimulates you.
  • Generally speaking, it is important to choose in autumn and winter, woody notes and aromas of the earth and the forest, and in spring and summer, much fresher, floral or citrus nuances.

The best fragrances for your home

Now that you have the basics to know how to choose the right scents for your home, let’s go through each room with the most suitable notes for each one.

Smells for the living room

For the living room, we go for warm, harmonious fragrances such as bergamot in the warmer months or cinnamon in the cooler months.

Odours for the kitchen

This is a place where a lot of different smells tend to mix, so we recommend citrus aromas, such as orange, lemon or eucalyptus, which will finish off the rest of the aromas. It’s refreshing!

Smells for the bedroom

It is a place of rest, so the most suitable scents are usually calm fragrances such as lavender, jasmine and rose. These scents stimulate rest, especially lavender.

Bathroom odours

Fresh scents that are not too penetrating, such as sea breeze or citrus, are often used in baths, but we can also opt for lavender, sandalwood or violet.

Some Christmas gifts for the home

For this festive season, a good Christmas gift can be a candle or an air freshener for the home, here are some of our recommendations:

Orégano candle, by Loewe

Indeed, with notes of oregano comes this appetising candle from the fashion brand, made in Spain and in a very simple and aesthetically pleasing ceramic cup, it is perfect for the kitchen and will certainly whet the appetite.

Foto: Loewe

Home fragrance Figuier, by Diptyque

It is one of the bestsellers of the French brand. Warm and fresh at the same time. A success that is also perfect as a decorative element in your living room.

Foto: Diptyque

L’Occitane ‘Cocon de Sérénité’ Pillow Mist

Sleep is easier if you spray this lavender, orange and geranium essential oil mist on your pillow and sheets. It can also be used to scent and create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

As you have already seen, the smells we have in our home can have a significant influence on our organism, behaviour and mood, so it is something quite important that we have to take into account. We usually buy candles or air fresheners that we find pleasant, but without thinking very well about what they can transmit or where to put them, with the notions that we have given you in this article, it will be much easier for you to plan the smells in your home. Above all, remember that in smells, as in everything else, less is more.