The influence of colour in your bedroom

Are you thinking of redecorating your bedroom and giving it a change of style? Do you know the influence of colour on your emotions and living habits? If you are at the moment of deciding what the new image of your resting place will be like, you should bear in mind that this task is not only about “placing a bed and some bedside tables”, you should also consider other elements that are also very important, such as, for example, the choice of colours.

Colours transmit sensations and, for this reason, both on the walls and in the furniture, they must be well chosen so that your room becomes a comfortable space.

Find out how different tones influence your emotions and, thus, choose the most appropriate ones for this very personal space.

The influence of colour on emotions

The colours of your décor influence your mood, and this is something to consider in your bedroom.

Green, positivity

Green is a safe bet for your bedroom if you want to start the day in the most optimistic way. Some people say that having a pastel green bedroom makes them wake up in a better mood and with more positive thoughts. In any of its different variants, such as mint green or earth green, it offers you an ideal place to sleep.

Blue, serenity

If you are looking for a bedroom that conveys a sense of peace, choose the different shades of blue, not forgetting aqua blue. Blue is the colour of tranquillity. It takes us to the sky and the sea, which provide serenity.

Yellow and orange, warmth

These colours provide a sense of warmth that few others can offer in your bedroom. You can choose shades that avoid stridency to improve comfort, relaxation and stimulate the nervous system to help you sleep better. Avoid very bright tones as they are usually related to nervousness, so the influence of colour in this case is not recommended.

Purple and Red, too stimulating

At first glance, purple may appear to be a cosy shade, but it is not the most appropriate for a place of rest. Although it is a nice colour for bedroom walls and decoration, it is a stimulating colour that demands a lot of attention.

The same goes for red. It is not the best choice if you want the colours in your bedroom to convey peace and tranquillity. However, if you are looking for a mood that helps you wake up and become more active, this is the colour for you.

White and beige, a sure hit

White and beige are the most classic colours when it comes to decoration, being the ideal choice for those who are looking for a spacious, bright and totally adaptable bedroom.

Of all the proposals, they are the most neutral tones, and will allow you to complete the decoration of your room with elements of any shade so that the influence of colour in your home is to your liking.