Advantages of living in an attic

Why does everyone dream of the advantages of living in a penthouse? The top floor of a building is always the most sought-after and a symbol of exclusivity. Due to their characteristics, penthouse-style homes are the perfect product for those who are looking for lots of light and large spaces and terraces where they can enjoy the sun and fresh air without having to leave the house.

In addition to all these advantages, the penthouses stand out for having a different design compared to the rest of the homes in the building, which usually have a similar layout. At Homes by Gestilar we create penthouses where every moment in them is simply extraordinary. We tell you why to choose a penthouse to live in… welcome!

Infinity terrace

A pleasant reading, an aperitif at sunset, a dinner with friends or a pleasant breakfast in the sun… The terraces of penthouses are the most desired room and serve as the setting for the most special moments of those who are lucky enough to live in this type of home.

But there is still more, this open-air space is totally multi-purpose and gives you the opportunity to set up your own private solarium, a garden on the heights or a relaxation area. Since 2021, having this space to connect with the outdoors without giving up being at home has been valued, which offers many possibilities in terms of leisure and comfort: sports, rest area…

Privileged views

The penthouses are characterised by having the best views of the whole building, which is another of the advantages that most convince those interested in living in this type of property. The penthouse allows you to enjoy the city skyline at any time of the day. Comfort is fundamental in any home, but aesthetics is not a minor issue and having the possibility of having privileged views from your home is a differential. Enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds you is a unique experience that is worth enjoying.

Natural light

Light will be another of the protagonists of the house. The large windows will allow you to enjoy the sunlight at all times. In addition, natural light will be your best ally to enhance the decoration of your home. It is worth mentioning that Homes by Gestilar’s penthouses share a common denominator: a careful aesthetic that enhances the space. This is not only because of the feeling of spaciousness, but also because of the happiness and emotions generated by having natural light at any time of the day.

Greater intimacy and privacy.

Although many ground floor apartments also have a terrace or garden, the advantage of a penthouse apartment is that its outdoor space offers intimacy and privacy, which is not the case on the ground floor. A penthouse terrace thus becomes a real “privilege” in a big city.

In addition to this, another advantage of living in a penthouse is the fact that there are no neighbours above, which makes penthouses quieter homes, something that is even more accentuated when they are at a distance from the street or the common areas.

Advantages of living in a penthouse: tips for your future home

Once you have reviewed the advantages of living in a penthouse, take note of them to buy a house in order to make the most of this type of housing.

What is the orientation of your terraces, and at what time of day can you enjoy them the most? This is an important factor as it determines whether you want the morning sun to shine more on them or, on the contrary, whether you want to enjoy the sunset more.